Our partners work closely with us to gain design, implementation, training and support skills. Our partner programme is reviewed annually to ensure the highest levels of services are available to clients. Partners are also pivotal in identifying new directions and functionality for our solutions triggered by customer feedback.

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Infor Enterprise Solution Partners

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See below for a list of accredited Professional Advantage Services Providers.

Note: Only these service professionals are officially accredited to provide consultancy services on one or more of our solutions. They only supply services unlike our Channel Partners who also provide support and software solutions.

"Professional Advantage is a long standing and strategic business partner for Sapphire, the software they develop for SunSystems has enabled us to offer our clients extended solutions in business critical areas such as procurement, electronic payments, cash collection and document delivery. Where our clients have taken PA's solutions they have realised tangible business benefits and continue to do so as PA develop and improve upon the applications. Thank you PA, keep up the good work."  Sapphire Systems plc