Smarter, social housing


A single, integrated hub for all your business systems & processes

The housing sector as a whole faces more challenges than ever before; tight compliance, particularly post Grenfell, increasing competitions from local councils, possible housing market crash looming and more.  Housing providers are needing to reduce costs, time and overheads, at the same time as working better and smarter in a way that meets internal and external compliance regulations.


True integration of all solutions and channels into a single system to deliver a consistent experience, means that a tenant or employee never has to repeat themselves or duplicate effort, no matter what communication method they use and provide the visibility of the tenant experience that they need.


XMPro provides a platform for:

- digital inclusion for tenants and employees alike

- compliance

- repairs handling

- tenant onboarding

- complaints handling

- smart homes

and much more...


Be smart. Be agile. 

The key to future success is joining up all department solutions to provide a single view of tenant information, finance, regulatory and facilities data in one single easy to use interface with appropriate approval flows.

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