XMPro Agile Application Suite


Complexity and Predictive – Don’t be scared of your data

A super flexible BPM solution, XMPro lets you integrate data ingestion, predictive analytics, actionable process activities, plus social and mobile technologies into all your key processes along with the apps that enable them.


For those organisations with a more complex vision of the future in terms of process automation, systems interaction or indeed even the Internet of Things (IoT) for industrial clients, XMPro offers a complete orchestration layer that will allow for the coupling of Business process management with other key components in an end to end solution such as sensor monitoring, machine learning, predictive analysis and low code application development.


Activities in XMPro can be triggered through event based monitoring of databases and systems activity, but could also be managed through built in connectivity with sensors and devices in your hardware or operational environment. Data feeds can be ingested used to trigger processes or even included in predictive and machine learning models that are available in XMPro though levering off Microsoft Azure and other data analysis services.


The XMPro Agile Application Suite is a comprehensive IoT platform that provides everything you need to develop, integrate and deploy applications that help you improve the operational efficiency of your asset-intensive business.  It includes:

  • A model-driven development environment, the XMPro Agile Design Studio

  • A run-time environment for operations managers, the XMPro Action Console

  • Built-in drivers for thousands of sensors and equipment

  • Interfaces with dozens of popular enterprise applications

  • Integration with Microsoft .NET and Azure stacks for Predicative and Machine learning capability.


 XMPro Agile Application Suite

XMPro's Agile Application Suite has built in drivers for thousands of sensors and equipment. Below is a sample of the drivers and interfaces that XMPro supports out of the box to help you get your application going quickly and cost effectively:-




  • MQTT
  • Axzure IoT Suite
  • GE Predix
  • Xively
  • OSIsfot QI
  • ABB Totalflow
  • Allen Bradley
  • Automation Direct
  • Cutler Hammer
  • Enron Modbus
  • Risher ROC
  • Fuji Flex
  • GE


 For more information on the XMPro Agile IoT platform please click here.

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