End of Sale for Q&A for iPOS datalink announced

End of Sale for Q&A for iPOS datalink announced Sunday, 10 November 2019

Professional Advantage have announced the End of Sale for iPOS Datalink for Q&A – effective 1st January 2020. With the introduction of Q&A v11, Infor have removed the ability to support third party datalinks. The iPOS Datalink for Q&A will therefore only be supported to Q&A v10 and to SunSystems v6.3.


Support will be limited support only with no bug fixes or enhancements. Telephone support will continue for a minimum of 18 months from 1st January 2020 to 30 June 2021.


If you use the iPOS Datalink for Q&A, you have the option to replace it with iPOS XL (v6.1.2+). It includes Manage Export Profiles which replaces iPOS Datalink for Q&A . This new feature in iPOS XL is supported from iPOS v6.1.6 onwards.


iPOS XL will provide “like for like” functionality with a couple of exceptions:

  1. User Defined Output
  2. Drag and Drop fields


iPOS XL allows users to manage large and complex requisitions and ad hoc invoices easily and in the familiar environment of an Excel spreadsheet. All standard iPOS validation and verification rules are applied, ensuring compliance of workflow rules and detection of errors.


iPOS XL is licensed on a named user basis. Q&A is licensed by concurrent users, we will convert your concurrent user count to named users in iPOS XL at a ratio of 1:3. There is no additional software charge or annual maintenance increase in the move to iPOS XL unless additional users are purchased. Services to perform the implementation of iPOS XL will be chargeable.


If you are already using iPOS XL, when you choose to replace the iPOS Datalink for Q&A with iPOS XL, your iPOS XL user count and serialisation will need to be increased to include the iPOS Datalink for Q&A users. Please request this via your business partner or , if a direct client of Professional Advantage, vi when you are ready to implement iPOS XL v6.1.2 in lieu of iPOS Datalink for Q&A.


If you would like to take a look at the latest release of iPOS XL, please see our On Demand video at