Launch of B4B Electronic Payments & Remittances Webinar Series

Launch of B4B Electronic Payments & Remittances Webinar Series Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Professional Advantage launch a series of webinars on B4B - electronic payments and remittances for Infor SunSystems. The webinar presentations are open to all SunSystems sites and are aimed at those who are not currently using B4B for their electronic payments.


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B4B EFT is the ideal alternative for SunSystems users to pay suppliers. Using B4B can help you achieve a more predictable cash flow, reduced costs and make for more informed business decisions. 


This free of charge webinar series will demonstrate the significant and tangible cost savings that your business can achieve by using this simple and easy to use process with Infor SunSystems - all versions. You will learn the benefits of driving down payment and receipt transaction processing costs by reducing multiple handling of the same data, or manual re-keying of data and security around bank payments. 


B4B also includes the ability for PGP Encryption of data on the output file to the bank. Add to this, a multi-tier approval matrix to assist in fraud prevention and audit controls and remittances, you can see why B4B maintains its position as premier payment management solution for Infor SunSystems users with a swift return on investment.