Global clinical trial group head to the Cloud with XMPro

Global clinical trial group head to the Cloud with XMPro Monday, 10 September 2018

Global clinical trial supply company gets results with XMPro from Professional Advantage. The organisation has worldwide reach and guarantees sophisticated handling of biological specimens and temperature sensitive clinical trial supplies, all coordinated and managed locally through strategically placed offices in 24 countries. Their extensive depot network supports cold storage and distribution of life science assets such as critical medications and diagnotistic equipment.


The Supplier Invoice Registration process is a critical point of contact with their supplier network and an effective and efficient process has a direct impact on the business and its suppliers. Ensuring that invoices are processed in a timely manner allows the organisation to build better commercial relationships with their supplier network.


The group, who are on Oracle Financials, are moving to a centralised cloud deployment to better manage their existing business systems.


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