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Amnesty International

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iPOS eProcurement for Infor SunSystems.



Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 3 million supporters, members and activists in over 150 countries and territories who campaign to end grave abuses of human rights.



There were several aims for the project including:-


  • Accounting and Financial Management
    • Increase visibility and enable accurate tracking of donations for specific projects and causes and improve traceability of unrestricted donations for pooled funds
    • Automate manual invoicing, purchase order and remittance processes to improve the productivity of the finance team and accelerate budgeting and reporting timeframes
    • Initiate, accurately track and enforce pre-approval of purchase orders to accelerate payment processes
    • Support corporate policy of paper-free office and enable faster processes for paper free external communication



Amnesty was replacing another procurement solution and needed to ensure a seamless migration for data and users to iPOS for Infor SunSystems.



iPOS eProcurement for Infor SunSystems from Professional Advantage was chosen after advice by business partners, Touchstone,  due to integral relationship between Infor SunSystems, which was already well established at Amnesty.


Key Wins:

  • Pre-approval of expenditure
  • Real time budget visibility
  • Eliminate delays in reporting
  • Reduce paper, increase control and save costs
  • Increased donor visibility of expenditure

Donation tracking made easy with iPOS

Founded in 1961, Amnesty International (Amnesty) is a non-governmental organisation focused on human rights with over three million members and supporters around the world. Amnesty draws attention to human rights abuses and works to mobilise public opinion to put pressure on governments that let abuse take place. The organisation was awarded the 1977 Nobel Peace Prize for its campaign against torture, and the United Nations Prize in the Field of Human Rights in 1978.


Believed by many to set the standard for the movement, Amnesty has the longest history and broadest  name recognition in human rights. It is politically and financially independent of any government, political ideology, economic interest or religion. All governance, programmes and policies are non-partisan, independent of specific governments, political parties and the business sector.


Amnesty is financed largely by fees and donations from its worldwide membership alongside grants from the UK Department for International Development, the European Commission and the United States State Department.


The challenges:

Identifying and tracking donations without delaying reports. As such a high profile organisation it is critical that Amnesty can justify all expenditure to donors. Though Amnesty does have a lot of 'unrestricted' donors who do not specify where they would prefer their funds should be spent, there is also have a substantial number of donors who identify which projects or causes they would like to see their money go to.


A further complication arises as Amnesty uses unrestricted donations to create pooled funds for regions that cannot fundraise themselves. Again, the movement of this money has to be carefully tracked and reported.


Despite having a financial management application in place, Amnesty's use of manual invoice, remittance and purchasing processes led to delays, lack of visibility and accuracy in reporting.


As part of this situation, there was no pre-approval of purchase orders in place, leading to delays in tracking expenditure. As a result in September 2012, Amnesty implemented a new purchasing policy that mandated pre-approval of expenditure, linking it to specific codes for programmes and departments.


The solution:

As an existing Infor SunSystems user for financials, Amnesty turned to Touchstone to provide the technological support for this new policy. Chosen because of their extensive experience in the sector and their close relationship with Infor, Touchstone specified, demonstrated and implemented iPOS from authors, Professional Advantage.


iPOS offers 'order to pay' process workflow for all business processes, as well as process and procurement analytics. The only product built exclusively for - and providing seamless integration with Infor SunSystems, iPOS delivers business benefits with the lowest cost of ownership of any procurement solution for SunSystems users.


As well as being the most cost effective option for Amnesty, iPOS was chosen as it includes a module to handle contract issues, an intuitive interface, a range of reporting options and critically, continually updated budget checking.


Sabeena Bagol, finance director, Amnesty International comments: "We looked at a lot of locally based technology partners and went with Touchstone as it was clear they could deliver not only support for our Infor investment, but also superior service. The enthusiastic adoption of iPOS has enabled us to realise the benefits of implementation much sooner than expected."


The benefits:

Faster tracking, greater detail and better use of staff.


Programme directors at Amnesty can now interrogate real time budgets and the elimination of paper-based accruals has made budgeting and reporting faster and more accurate.


Bagol continues: "We must track expenditure at a very granular level. Pre-approved expenditure goes one step further and enables us to see how these funds are being used in real time."


Looking to the future, Amnesty plans to further expand the use of Infor SunSystems and iPOS to gain financial and expenditure control on a global basis.


Sabeena Bagol concludes: "We are one of the most high profile organisations in the world, with a complex, unique structure and handling millions of pounds in donations. That demands world-class governance and total transparency and visibility. The technology and service from Touchstone has enabled us to realise this insight and we look forward to building on the relationship."